Signs of Sarcasm™  
[astrology for real people™]

Taurus - Unreal Greetings Signs of Sarcasm

2504 | Taurus
Inside message: Be flexible? Change your mind? Move faster? Nope. But your stubborn ass will always be there.

Scorpio - Unreal Greetings Signs of Sarcasm

2510 | Scorpio
Inside message: Sometimes I want to know more of what’s going on in your mind. Then I remember some of the crazy, evil shit that you’ve let slip, and I think, “Nah, I’m good.”

Sagittarius - Unreal Greetings Signs of Sarcasm

2511 | Sagittarius
Inside message: Your enthusiasm is like a fireworks display. Or maybe a puppy. It’s actually kind of exhausting – perhaps you could tone it down a bit.

Leo - Unreal Greetings Signs of Sarcasm

2507 | Leo
Inside message: This is the day to say to yourself, “I’m a superstar – bask in my glow!” But it seems you say that to yourself most days, which I’ve been meaning to tell you is kind of ridiculous.

Aquarius - Unreal Greetings Signs of Sarcasm

2501 | Aquarius
Inside message: It’s always so fun to see what new ideas you come up with. Hey – you know what else might be fun? Following the effin’ rules for once. Seriously.

Capricorn - Unreal Greetings Signs of Sarcasm

2512 | Capricorn
Inside message: It’s your special day, so just kick back and relax! Organize some notes, make some plans, crunch some numbers. You know – your super weird version of relaxing.

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