Fashion Tips™  
[fashionably funny™]

Fashion Tips™ offers a fresh, funny perspective on how women relate to fashion, life, and to each other. These new designs give a voice to the mysterious subjects that women often only discuss amongst themselves, like secret hoarding, hot flashes, bra stuffing, and Kegels. It’s modern beauty advice told through the lens of vintage fashion photos.

Kegels - Unreal Greetings Fashion Tips

1038 | Kegels
Inside message: Happy birthday to a
talented multitasker.

Hoarding - Unreal Greetings Fashion Tips

1035 | Hoarding
Inside message: Happy birthday to the girl who has everything.  Can’t always find it, but has it somewhere.

Less Is More - Unreal Greetings Fashion Tips

1039 | Less Is More
Inside message: Wishing you a fabulously over-the-top birthday.

Swimsuit Shopping - Unreal Greetings Fashion Tips

1063 | Swimsuit Shopping
Inside message: We shall overcome,
my friend.

Pearls - Unreal Greetings Fashion Tips

1005 | Pearls
Inside message: Hope your birthday
hits the spot.

Youthful Glow - Unreal Greetings Fashion Tips

1037 | Youthful Glow
Inside message: Cheers!  Happy Birthday

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