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As Founder of the Dream
Launch Academy, Terra Farrar is on a mission:
Turn Your Dream
into a Reality You Can Bank On!
 Emerging and
established entrepreneurs world wide are discovering the secret to
their ultimate success
is the Flight Plan they develop with Terra.
Read on. . .
leverage intellectual property into signature products for baby boomersAlong your career path
you’ve undoubtedly developed processes, systems, steps, and tools you
use when working
within a company, or with individual clients.

This is your intellectual
property. It contains viable programs and products you can leverage
into revenue. The very kind you can bank on.  Read on. . .

private clients have accomplished in less than 120 days
when working with Terra Farrar . . .

Road map to MLM Success”

an audio
series digital program

started out as a
tangled mess of ideas in my head became a product because Terra has the
ability of taking what was very complicated and overwhelming to me and
following her direction it got done.
Judy O’Higgins,
Author, Speaker, Trainer

Profits Secret Revealed”
a live
2-day virtual training

I am the
kind of person who is brilliant at coming up with new ideas and seeing
possibilities that others don’t. My downfall is getting easily
distracted by new shiny objects that pull me away from getting things
done. Terra is fantastic at taking a great idea
and really seeing what needs to be done to realize the vision,
communicating and keeping me focused on those things. If you are like
me I could not recommend anyone higher.”
Robert Cornish, Happier @
Work Consultant

Proof Your Marriage”
12-week live tele-course

with Terra is wonderful! She is so very gifted at helping
formalize goals and dreams into marketable services and products! She
over-delivers on a consistent basis! Terra is one of those special
people and I highly recommend her services.
Waverly Hanson, “Divorce
Proof Your Marriage” Relationship Coach

Energized Entrepreneur”
a 7-step
multi-video virtual course

I hired
Terra for her product development and coaching expertise. My Energized
Entrepreneur Program went from concept to DONE in a matter of weeks.
My healthy living program is now an online reality.
Dr. Alan Chong, The Spine

Back From Heart Disease”

multi-video home study course

Two new
patients signed up to work with me as a result of attending just
the first session of my program. I am very
excited. And all this within a few months compared to the years I
a product but had no idea where to begin. Terra is very good and will
take great care of you
~ Dr.
Arathi Rao, Ph.D

On Any Income”
8-module virtual course

teaching at UCLA for over 20 years and serving as a financial
coach to accounting and financial planning firms, it was time to
leverage my best selling book into an online product. I knew where I
had to begin; I hired Terra and several of her team members. Now I have
‘Wealth On Any Income’, an 8-module course. It moved from an idea to a
program and launched in less than 120 days! There is absolutely no way
I would have been able to do any part of it without these experts.
Rennie Gabriel, CLU, CFP, UCLA Instructor

a few of the Dream Team of Experts . . .

is utterly awesome!! One of the most focused and productive
entrepreneurs I know. She brings a high skill
level to everything she does including her client’s projects.
Cartmer-Edwards, the Kickass Visibility Expert
knows how to guide
entrepreneurs through the
complexities of a product launch to make it easier, smoother and far
more effective. She’ll keep you on track and guide you through rough
spots. If you’re thinking of launching talk to her first.
Leon Altman, Sticky Content and Copy Expert
has a way of taking your vision and making it a reality. That is a real
gift. If you are trying to figure out how your idea can be made into a
product, talk to Terra!
Mary Jane McKittrick, Message Mastery
Coach & Communication Expert

Terra Farrar is one of those rare individuals who has your best
interest at heart. I have been utilizing her services for several years
now and her ability to extract the gems from inside my new projects and
businesses is amazing. She is one of those few people I know
who sees possibilities in ways I have not yet considered! Her
impeccability, values, attention to details, clear communication and a
person of her word makes Terra and her services are a “must have” for
any project you are either thinking of creating or ready to get off the
Randy Mitchell, LeaderShift Expert, Speaker, Author, Trainer

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2014 –
2017 Terra Farrar and Dream Launch Academy