Unreal Greetings

Unreal Greetings LLC is a small, independent greeting card company that creates fresh, funny, and original designs – relatable messages in an uncommon voice. We are proud to print locally, with a Minnesota Green Printer / Great Printer.

Grant Jensen

Unreal Greetings was started in 2012 by Grant Jensen, a guy who has been told numerous times that he has great taste, even though he usually chooses not to use it.  After having trouble finding cards that fit his sense of humor, he’d often end up getting a schmaltzy card, crossing out the schmaltzy sentiment inside, and writing in something more “appropriate” – something that was unexpectedly funny and heartfelt and sarcastic. Just like him. He did this for years until his sister, after receiving an especially clever card, said, “You need to get off your ass and make these for real. Dork.” And Unreal Greetings was born.

Grant designs from his home in semi-rural Minnesota, where he lives with his partner and two boys, two horses, two dogs, a cat, a lizard, and a guinea pig.  Note that he is not an animal person, and isn’t quite sure how he ended up in this crazy family.